About us

Infoline was established in 1990 to help companies and institutions in their decision-making processes.

Our purpose is to assist organizations to identify opportunities and threats, to be prepared and anticipate the changes and make the best of them. We are concerned about the challenge of the impact from future disruptive technologies and game changers as well as the daily evolution of trends in industries and markets, and in the customers' behaviors. Basically, we help you to grow.

To do this, we provide a wide scope of services that range from financial accounts to deep dive analysis of markets, industries, companies, technologies or countries. We also work with you to build or improve competitive intelligence units, train your team and conduct workshops to help your company interpret the scope and implications of the changes ahead.

25th Anniversary

Infoline was the first infobroker in Spain, and one of the first in Europe. It was also a pioneer in the field of the competitive intelligence, market intelligence, strategy intelligence and technology intelligence. 2015 is marking our 25th anniversary.

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