Our values

What you need, whenever you need it, with total guarantee of quality and confidentiality

Infoline is a customer-oriented company. By caring about what worries our clients, we give priority to some aspects:

Confidentiality: We are aware of the value of each piece of information we deal with and how sensitive each project that we do may be. Therefore, we are always extremely careful with this issue. In over 20 years we never had a problem of this nature.

Accuracy: We always verify our sources and whenever possible, we seek those coming from official institutions. Even in these cases, we compare it and complete our findings with other information and insights until we get the closest picture of reality as possible.

Professionalism: Our staff has been trained in information retrieval and analysis methodology, both academically and hands-on. Nevertheless, we are in continuous search of new ways of approaching problems and solutions.

Speed: We strive to deliver our reports in the shortest period of time possible because we know that the value of the information is ephemeral and whoever is able to anticipate changes in the environment and read early signs faster, gains more time to prepare their actions which translates into greater competitive advantage.

Fulfillment: We are committed to meeting deadlines, making our reports easily understandable and including valuable insights.

Price: We are aware that resources are limited so all our services maintain an excellent and affordable quality-price ratio.  

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