Extensive experience in design, implementation or improvement of any kind of decision support units, such as strategy, market or competitive intelligence departments, innovation units, labs or observatories.


We are specialized in the following areas:

  • SMCTI units (Strategic, Market, Competitive and Technology Intelligence units)
  • Strategic plans
  • Global Trends Impact Analysis and Assessment
  • Market Entry proceses (market research, partner identification and valuation primary research, local consumer insights...)
  • R&D project management and assessment
  • Project portfolio management
  • Risk assessment projects
  • Prospective and future generation projects (scenarios, war games, prospective techniques...)

Megatrends Impact Analysis

A food industry company, facing a strategy planning, requests us to work with them in the analysis of the impact that trends and megatrends will have on their industry and their company. Infoline studies the sector deeply, and identifies the changes starting to occur in the environment and challenges that the company will experience soon. The consumers changing profiles, behaviors, attitudes, values... are also analyzed. During this process, about ten new business opportunities are discovered and some threats. Several potential scenarios are identified and the roadmap for the following years is outlined. 

Analysis for an Investment Fund

An investment fund, with over $ 10B under management, hires our services to have a different point of view regarding their decisions on companies in which the technological aspect may be critical.  We were also asked to study specific issues that need a macro or micro approach. The contract is signed on a subscription basis for sets of projects.

Market Entry for a Public Institution

A European government agency that supports the international expansion of its businesses opens a tender to establish collaboration with consultants from other countries to conduct market entry studies for companies wishing to enter them. Infoline gets the contract including market research, partner and distributor identification and validation, as well as local consumer understanding. This service is also provided for other agencies outside Europe.

Competitive Intelligence Week

A local development agency realized that the companies in their area needed to improve competitive intelligence knowledge and skills that helped them in their market entry processes, innovation, strategy, product diversification and better understanding of their customers behavior. The agency and Infoline coordinated the organization of the Competitive Intelligence Week. During this time, 5 courses were held, each one addressed to a different business cluster. In total, about 200 entrepreneurs and directors attended the courses. Consulting and internal training were also provided to the institution personnel. 

Getting ready for the future

An organization requested us to coordinate a series of workshops with their team: first, to explain the changes that are starting to affect current societies and, secondly, to collaborate in visualizing how the future will be. How societies and cities will be affected by aging, new generations, climate change, connectivity, Big Data, IoT, robots.... We tried to picture how all these changes will be reflected in transportation, housing, education, healthcare, food and clothing industries, pharma, etc. In general, how these technology advances and sociodemographic challenges will impact our way of producing, selling, buying and living. The company could adapt their strategy planning to the potential scenarios that were drawn.

Competitive Intelligence System

A company in international expansion wishes to develop a competitive intelligence system, as well as organize and coordinate the different processes related with CI and MI that were scattered through different departments. Infoline studied the situation, designed the department and defined its products. After recruiting and training the department staff, and the internal network development, the unit was running smoothly and giving support to the company in different areas, mainly in consumer insights, M&A and market entry.

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