"A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention".

Herbert Simon, Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences 1978

Other Services

In order to provide an integral service, we also offer technology scouting, staff recruiting and outsourcing



We search, monitor and assess technological start-ups, establishing contact with companies interested in their technology and vice versa. We maintain a large contact network with the best technological hubs in the world.


We are aware of the difficulty involved when handling profiles of professionals to perform these functions, due to the flexible, complex and wide range of skills needed. To help in the process of recruiting Strategic, Competitive, Market or Technology Intelligence professionals, we have developed ourˇpropietaryˇsystem to detect this talent, as well as a candidate database.


We provide external support to units and competitive intelligence departments, observatories, and other decision support units. We offer service packages to fully or partly outsource these departments.

Case 1: Scouting

The innovation department of an industrial company requests our services to analyze technologies and our scouting service to identify and evaluate start-ups related to their industry. In order to do so, Infoline leverages its international network and valuation methodology for these start-ups, identifying two interesting technologies and five companies, in three months, with whom to reach potential acquisition or partnership agreements.

Case 2: Recruiting

The HR department of a large company asked us to collaborate with them in defining the profile of a competitive intelligence manager as well as to select candidates and conduct interviewsWe defined the profile and the required skills, which is a complex process as it depends on various factors (tasks to perform, company culture ...), we reviewed the résumés received and tested the candidates. The result was a success and the process has been repeated several times to related positions and for other companies.

Case 3: Outsourcing

A large strategy consulting firm requested our services to elaborate projects or parts of them, when they do not have availability to do them in-house. We signed a contract to provide services that include market research projects, technology assessments, and industry reports, covering desk research, primary research, analysis and results delivery.

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