We provide customized projects on analysis and prospective of companies, technologies, sectors or countries, with a strategic, market or technological approach.


Ad Hoc Projects

Ad hoc projects, customized reports on the subject requested, whether related with strategy, market entry, innovation, competitive environment, technology or any other issue.


Continuous update of markets, technologies, competitors, products or any other subject, with global and local coverage of different sources. 

Key projects

According to our experience, we have created a set of modular reports that can cover most of our clients' needs. We divide them into different groups, depending on the topic they study.

Some project examples

Value proposition: For a hotel chain that wanted to redefine their value proposition, we studied the strategies followed by its direct competitors and other companies in the sectors with the same type of customers.

Customer behavior: For a multinational food and beverage industry, we studied new leisure habits and enhanced home entertainment. It focused on several Spanish-speaking countries.

Benchmark cost: An industrial SME wanted to know if the offer they had received to reform their engineering plants was competitive. Similar facilities were compared and a target budget of the installation was drafted. This allowed them to negotiate the initial offer and achieve a considerably better price. 

Brand Perception: A public tourism agency wanted to know the critical drivers that made their visitors chose their country as a vacation destination. We used primary and secondary research, obtained the consumer insights, segmented the market and found the key decision drivers that help our client to improve their strategy to attract more tourists and increase the successful initiatives that they were taking. 

Market Research: A drugstore company requested a comprehensive study of the competitive environment related with its products, including the value chain as well as the players, their products, and their market shares.


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