"Talent lies in the ability of shift attention to the right place at the right time, sensing trends and emerging realities and seizing opportunities".

Daniel Goleman, Focus


We monitor the environment to identify changes that may affect our clients; we analyze them and conduct workshops to assess the impact that these events may cause to their businesses.


This service is divided into three parts:

  • Tracking Alerts: Through environmental scanning we detect early warning signs regarding different interest areas (megatrends, disruptive technologies, game changers, consumers' behavior, industry changes...) that will help us in the next parts of this process.
  • Insight & Foresight: Once we have identified and gathered these early signs of changes, we analyze them to understand their meaning, find patterns and discover their insights so we can try to anticipate their future development. The result of this analysis is published 4 times a year in a document sent to the client.
  • Impact Assessment: Once a year, we organize a workshop with each one of our clients, at their premises, to evaluate the impact that these changes may have for their companies and assess how they match with their resources and strategy, in order to identify business opportunities and potential risks.

This is a subscription service. It is currently offered for three areas: 

  • Consumer Insights
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Megatrends

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