Customized high quality in-house and external training that provides advanced knowledge

This is the area that allows us to transmit our passion for this profession and share our experience accumulated over these years. We provide training on all the subjects related with the need to anticipate the future, identify opportunities and threats, analyze global trends, consumer behaviors, technology assessments and complexity and uncertainty management.

On competitive and market intelligence, we cover the whole the intelligence cycle, customizing content to the depth needed by each client, with a special focus on analysis. We also organize workshops on megatrends, scenarios, foresight, war gaming, etc.

We have given training courses to more that 150 institutions, including public organizations, Chambers of Commerce, ministries, regional development agencies, universities, research centers, associations, clusters, and, of course, companies. Hundreds of professionals have participated in our training sessions.

Our courses are always divided into two complementary parts:

  • Theory: To learn concepts, structures, methodologies and processes addressed to improve the skills of the participants.
  • Practice: To apply what has been learnt in the previous part. Participants must face case studies individually and/or in teams.


Our goal is that, through our courses, you acquire: 

• A new way of looking at the environment, perceiving the details while viewing the full picture 

• More creative thinking that will approach problems without preconceived ideas, to reach innovative solutions 

• A number of resources to multiply the variety of sources of information 

• A search strategy to help you finding the right information, both with too much or too little data

• Versatility in the use of analytical methodologies to enable professionals to create their own techniques

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